Exhibition to come : Presentation of the lithography book “l’Ecriture”
Thursday 8th of december at IDEM Paris, 49 rue du Montparnasse 75014 Paris

Exhibition “Cyma” – Summer 2015
L’Art et la matière gallery  23 rue saint-Louis en l’île

“Retrospective: 30 years of graphical dissertation” – Summer 2011
Studio Casa Architecture  9 rue Pecquay 75004 Paris



Elisabeth Anne DELESALLE’s work combines colour, depth and geometry. Initially, she aimed at conquering the space of the empty sheet with the straight line for her ustensil. Now, the overhanging parts of colour impregnating pre-defined frames, penetrate the horizon.

After her graduation at the School of Fine Arts Paris (Beaux arts de Paris), specializing in engraving techniques, for a while she was attracted to the world of publicity because of the strength of its message. Her artistic sensitivity fully delivers itself in her free writing, thus completing the colours of her work.

Being encouraged by the critics very rapidly, her taste for illustrational work led her to express her talents.

She exposes regularly both in France and abroad, with exception of some years in between. The Sequences and Museum custodian series are the most recent concretisation of her labour.


For more information,
contact the artist :
+ 33 6 77 66 89 58
37 rue du général Foy
75008 Paris
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